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Recruitment isn't as efficient in the reinsurance world as it is in others & we're changing that. We do hiring differently because we only focus our efforts in the reinsurance space & we take pride in doing the job in the right way. So, if you're happy, we're happy!


Talented individual? We want you to join our super-strong pool of the best people in the market & we will make sure you are always informed of jobs which suit you. Even if you're already employed


Proactive employer? We'll give you instant access to the best people & we'll do all the heavy lifting, so you don't have to. We'll happily sit down with you to explore your medium to long-term business plans so we make strategic hires


We care about you & your decisions & we offer best-in-industry advice, service & results. We make the hiring journey a positive one



We build your teams so that you can get on with your day-to-day job of making money & we find the right strategical fit for your business so you can grow successfully. Our cradle-to-grave job search process saves you time, money & simplifies your life

Welcome to Toucan



We match your skillsets with only the best employers in the industry. We'll fit you to the right job & we'll support your job-journey every step of the way until you are happily placed



Any job can become stagnant & we understand your career curve is made up of many different job curves. As part of our talent pool, we'll give you continual advice on how to develop your career & keep you on the right path for you

help you
every step


Why us

Happenstance. We were lucky. We fell into this career which has given us so many good-times & so many great friends. It's a fantastic career & we want others to have what we've enjoyed this past five decades. The snag? Well, when it comes to hiring, there are lots of idiosyncrasies within the market & we've lived through them all. We know the right people & we make your hiring & job searching less stressful & more productive


We want to be the most innovative & conscientious reinsurance recruiter around. We do this by continually building a talent pool of employable people like you & we keep in regular contact, so you know what's going on in your market. Because we promote talent pool members to employers, you won't miss an opportunity to develop your career, regardless of whether you're employed or not

Hiring someone is a big deal & we understand how much it means to employ someone who fits culturally & who surpasses your expectations in the job. We know you don't want to make a mistake as it wastes time, energy, money, delays success & outwardly projects unprofessionalism to your peers

What we offer





We mix years of knowledge with data, contacts & know-how to get us to the right people. Unlike other recruitment firms, we only actively promote pool members. We don't send out blanket emails, we don't do mass-marketing. Our hiring process is strategic & methodical

We want you as a candidate & you as a hirer to be satisfied with the outcome & so we practice continual dialogue, transparency, clear advice & direction. We act on your behalf & nobody else's

We love that no-one is the same & we have long believed that strength lies in being different & not in being clones of one another. Whatever your quirk, we'll have seen it, so get in touch!



The Toucans

Lucian chiroiu

"Being valued at work is so very important for your career journey"

I’ve worked in reinsurance for the last twenty years (I’m much younger than Marco!). My first job was on the catastrophe modelling side & then I moved to broking & lastly, to underwriting where I've worked for the last fifteen years.


Over time, I’ve met many interesting people, had many exciting experiences & learnt a multitude of things along the way. Most importantly, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working in the reinsurance world. Having been in London, Zurich & Paris, reinsurance has given me different experiences both culturally, spiritually & environmentally.


We are beginning a new chapter in life because we want to you find your dream job. Something which suits your personality, capabilities & skillsets. Somewhere where you'll find you're a valued member of a team. We’re so excited to begin Toucan & we’ll do our utmost to make sure you enjoy your reinsurance life as much as we have

marco silva

"You spend half your life working, you should try to make it both interesting & rewarding"

I've worked for thirty years in reinsurance, travelled the world, met great people & it's allowed me to work in places like London, Paris & Bermuda.


I've always tried to move jobs when I feel a bit bored as I like to continually learn. I'm curious by nature & this is where reinsurance comes in, as it is always interesting.


I'd wholeheartedly encourage anyone looking for a new adventure to be bold & choose something outside of their comfort zone. Lucian & I started this company to guide talented people into a job that they'll suit, that they'd be good at & a job that they'll enjoy whilst succeeding. Reinsurance has allowed my wife, daughter & I to live an interesting life & hopefully we can do this for you as well

Message us



Whether you're looking for the right person or looking for a job in reinsurance, we're your first choice, so let us be your trusted partner through your job-journey.

London +(44) 7464480399

Paris      +(33) 769961410

We'll be in touch!

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